ITSC-IC Seminar – WA-Board Report

Aim of the board

The goal of the Web Appearance Board (WAB) is, to manage the website of the ITSC-IC seminar. It consists of two teams, content and design. The task of the content team is, to interview professors or subgroup leaders, ask fellow students for research internship reports or semester abroad experiences and to write own reports if necessary. The design team takes care of the integration of the content into the website as well as its layout.

Structure/Organisation of the board

The team in our cohort currently consists of eight students, with one student taking the lead and handling task distribution and upcoming work. The other students are evenly split between the two teams. A Zoom meeting is held every two weeks to discuss who was able to complete which tasks and which will be tackled next.


My field of activity is in the content team. I have already had to conduct an interview, translate various reports and also write my own report about a research internship. The tasks in the group are distributed evenly and fairly, which the leading student pays attention to.

Personal conclusion

I can recommend the WAB to others. You can schedule your tasks flexibly and independently, which is a big advantage compared to studying when you have to meet fixed deadlines. However, in order to ensure a certain progress, you should (with a few exceptions) have completed a task at every meeting. These are usually not very time-consuming and can be done in between.