Organometallics: Principles and Applications

Which topics were covered in the lecture? Which focus was set?

The lecture itself enables insight into current scientific fields of research, in which organometallic complexes are applied in the catalytic systems (also in biological applications – ‘Catalysis in Cells’), material science, and pharmacy. You will get an overview of the reaction behavior, the synthesis and synthesis development, as well as several reaction mechanisms. The focus is on the ability to transfer the knowledge of the current topics and operations and to critically evaluate publications. If the motto “Publish or perish“ sounds familiar to you, you should also remember to keep reading about the topics in detail in recently published papers (seriously people – read your papers).

How did the Lecturer give this lecture? (blackboard writings, script, slides)

Due to the recent developments in our worldwide pandemic, the universities had to adapt their lectures and transform them into an online offer. The well-structured and efficient lecture team was able to implement an alternative lecture model. The online lectures were structured clearly, and the classes were enriched by guest lecturers.

How were the tutorial sessions structured? How time-consuming are the exercise sheets?

Exercise possibilities were mainly provided via case studies (reading and discussing of scientific papers) and via a group presentation.

What was the exam like? (written or oral, length of the exam, time required for exam preparations)

Instead of traditional face-to-face lectures and a 90-minute exam, classes took place online in Zoom and the students had to write a conclusive essay on a certain topic (100 points, due at the end of august) and could gain bonus points in form of a group presentation (20 bonus points, 4-5 people, 20 min presentation). The expectations were communicated clearly by Prof. Casini and even a template for the essay form was available. The presentation could either be given as a live-talk via Zoom or a video (which resulted in creative submissions, such as a dramatic, scientific short movie). For this task, the recording program OBS is necessary or simply the use of the PowerPoint presentation is an option with the possibility to film the presenter. The feedback to the group presentations was constructive and helpful for thinking about the content of the essays.

What are the required qualifications for this course? Are there certain bachelor’s or master’s lectures that are fundamental or complementary to this lecture?

The necessary basics for this lecture include basic knowledge about inorganic and organic chemistry and especially the lecture of metalorganic chemistry – the properties and features in the application of metal centers and organometallic compounds should be familiar.

Would you recommend the lecture to others? What was your motivation for choosing this lecture?

As a student in the 2nd master semester, one can expect from this lecture an insight into the applications of organometallic compounds, an extensive offer of knowledge, as well as a constructive critic on performances and – at least for now – intensive use of technical teaching materials.