CLarification of important terms


Abbreviation for Anorganisch-chemisches Forschungspraktikum (inorganic-chemical internship).

The research internships (two have to be done) in inorganic chemistry are divided into two parts. The first part is to do practical work at a recent research topic in one of the inorganic chairs at the TUM. Therefore each student supports a Ph.D. student of the chair in its actual research topic. The duration of the first part normally lies between four and eight weeks. The second part includes writing a report about the performed research. The deadline for reaching in the report is normally six weeks after the laboratory work is finished.


Abbreviation for Editorial Office.

The EO organizes the submission and dispersion of all Short Communications, for the Peer Review. They decide if a Short Communication is accepted or rejected, based on the assessment of two anonymous referees, and they also make the poster choice.
The most important task of the EO is the setting of deadlines for all submissions (abstracts, Short Communications, and posters).


Abbreviation for Introduction to the Scientific Community – Inorganic Chemistry.

The Introduction to the Scientific Community – Inorganic Chemistry is an additional seminar to the research internships in inorganic chemistry. It deepens the writing techniques, used for the reports made for each of the internships, like abstracts of Short Communications. Some lectures focus on selected topics as Peer Review, Writing and Reading or the posters, that will be performed for the Poster Symposium at the end of the course, in which every student has to introduce a poster, performed to one of its research internships in inorganic chemistry.


Abbreviation for Student Executive Board.

The role of the SEB is to supervise the progress of each board and organize frequent meetings. It is in close contact with the boards ab the ITSC office. Gathering student feedback is also part of its duties. Each board will be supervised by one member of the SEB.

Short Communication

Short Communication is a special form of a paper addressing new ideas, controversial opinions, „negative“ results and much more. In this seminar Short Communications about each research internship shell be written,by each student, to train the writing of papers.


Abbreviation for Symposium Organising Committee.

The SOC organizes the poster symposium and therefore is responsible for preparing poster deputy walls, the catering, the location, poster price(s) and also the invitation of guests from outside.

Peer Review

Procedure for quality assurance of an (academic) paper through independent evaluators, that know the subject. Normally the quality (= content) of the science is examined, but here in this seminar the form and the structure of the Short Communications are examined by the students and not the content.


Abbreviation for Web Appearance Board.

The WAB is responsible for the design and the content of the ITSC homepage. Therefore every member of the WAB has to design a separate section of the website in groups of one or two members. Furthermore, all other publications like abstracts and Short Communications of the participants will be uploaded.

Editorial Office

Symposium Organising Committee

Web Appearance Board