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The poster symposium 2021 was set up as a virtual experience! Enter our 360° tour and browse through the different posters. Read more about how to navigate through the virtual tour here.

Visitors had the chance to talk to the authors personally by entering their respective zoom rooms during our event. Verbal exchange was possible and useful insights into the differnt research topics of each inorganic chemistry chair was provided!

Due to the virtual nature of the symposium it is still possible to access our virtual tour!


Represented Working Groups

The Winner of the Poster Award

1. Clemens Kaußler

2. Sofia Beliakova

3. Fabrizio Enrico Napoli

The Authors & Posters

1. Antsiburov, Ivan Size-Focusing of Au/Al Cluster Libraries in Solution
2. Beliakova, Sofia Pyrolysis of Co-ZIF-Encapsulated Atom-Precise Pt Clusters for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
3. Berghausen, Tobias Coinage Metal bis-NHC Complexes for Medicinal Applications – Synthesis and Stability Tests
4. Bohn, Moritz Investigating the Applicability of Full Interaction Maps on Supramolecular Organometallocavitands
5. Calmus, Tom Catalytic Abilities of a Non-Heme-Fe/Cu(II)-complex for Oxygenation of Inactivated Hydrocarbons
6. Deger, Simon Computational DFT study of NHC-Au(I)-Complexes Used for Anti-Cancer Therapy
7. Drexler, Marike M. Synthesis and Encapsulation Studies of Supramolecular Coordination Complexes as Drug Delivery Systems
8. Eylert, Lukas Investigation on the Reactivity of Germanium-Clusters towards Mono-halogenated Boranes
9. Geißer, Korbinian Design of Novel Quinoid-Derived Systems for the Construction of Photoactive Metal-Organic Architectures
10. Heinritz, Charlotte L. Synthesis and Characterization of Lipophilic Cationic Gold(I) bis(NHC) Complexes for Biomedical Applications
11. Henseler, David Synthesis and Characterization of SodiumGermanium-Phosphides
12. Herold, Anna-Julia Synthesis and Characterization of [Cu(Xant)]3[BTCDT] and [Mo2(DAniF)3]3[BTCDT]
13. Hoffmann, Matthias Synthesis, Characterisation and Reactivity of Functionalised [Ge9Ni]-Clusters
14. Holtmann, Rafael Examination of [K3BTC] as a Potential Selfsacrificial Template for Carbon Based Scaffolds
15. Huber, Matthias A Closer Look at the [Cu7/8Al6](Cp*)6 Cluster Family: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity
16. Huber, Maximilian Online-Coupling of Raman Microspectroscopy and Field-Flow Fractionation
17. Istvánffy, Sharon Modification of Tungsten Carbide for the Catalytic
Hydrogenation of Furfural
18. Kaußler, Clemens crystIT: Quantification of Crystal Structure Complexity via Information Theory
19. Khrameshina, Ekaterina Synthesis of Novel, Menthyl-Based Ligands of the Buchwald-Type and their Application in Catalysis
20. Kipfer, Tim Densification of Li8GeP4 with Spark Plasma Sintering
21. Kouyate, Maryke SnIP Hybrids-Stabilisation of Single SnIP Rods
22. Liestmann, Zoe Encapsulation of Pt-based Mono- and Bimetallic Carbonyl Clusters into ZIF-8 for Electrocatalytic Applications
23. Mayr, Johannes Synthesis and Photoreduction of [CuCo]-Mabiq Comprising Sacrificial Electron Donors as Ligands
24. Napoli, Fabrizio Enrico Metal-based Supramolecular Drug Delivery Systems for Metallodrugs
25. Nickl, Simon Josef Synthesis and Reactivity of ECp*alkyl Ligands for Intermetalloid Nickel Clusters
26. Parkulab, Mykhaylo CO2 Photoreduction by a Re-Ru-based Molecular Photosystem Immobilized in Metal-Organic Frameworks
27. Chistov, Petr Synthesis and Characterization of Intermetallic Compounds (Ba,Ca)(V,Nb)xSiy,
BaNi16-xTxSi12 (T = V,Nb), (Ta,Nb,V)4Ni14.7Ge3.3
28. Pietsch, Markus R. Influence of Particle Size on Lithium-Ion Conductivity in α-Li8SnP4
29. Podolhov, Anton Homogeneity range and substitutions in Cu20Te11Cl3
30. Schaab, Stefan Synthesis of Ternary AgGaTe and CuGaSe Compounds along Binary Lines
31. Schramm, Carina SnIP Hybrids: Stabilization of Single SnIP Rods in Nanotubes
32. Schröck, Lena Aryl-Functionalised Germylenes as Ligands in Ni(0)-Complexes
33. Schubert, Emeric An Ambiphilic Germylene as Non-Innocent Ligand for a Ni(0)-Complex
34. Stark, Claire Design of Pillarplex–Rotaxanes based on Functionalized Fmoc Stoppers
35. Stebani, Julia Investigation of Non-Canonical DNA with Metal Complexes by Advanced in silico Methods
36. Stephan, Johannes Carbenes „Upside Down“: Access to a New Abnormally Coordinated Ru(II)-NHC Complex
37. Thomas, Alexander Modification of an ESI-MS to Measure Intermetallic Clusters under Inert Conditions
38. Weng, Tobias Improvement of the Synthesis of Ga4(TMP)4 and its Application as Ligand in Hume-Rothery Inspired Cluster Chemistry
39. Zell, Richard Group 14 Element Utilization with the Goal of Small Molecule Activation
40. Zhang, Peiran Synthesis Optimization of ‘Na6CdPb2’, ‘Na9In19Pb’ and Substitution Effects in Na-Zn-Sn Zintl Phases
41. Fink, Pascal MOF Supported Molecular Photocatalytic H2 Evolution
42. Hallweger, Sebastian Complexity Evolution in Perovskite-Type Materials
43. Schilling, Markus Development of MOF-functionalized Electrodes
44. Dönmez, Alper Incorporating Nanoparticles in a Stimulus-Responsive Flexible Metal-Organic Framework


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Ivan Antsiburov

Size-Focusing of Au/Al Cluster Libraries in Solution

Sofia Beliakova

Pyrolysis of Co-ZIF-Encapsulated Atom-Precise Pt Clusters for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Tobias Berghausen

Coinage Metal bis-NHC Complexes for Medicinal Applications – Synthesis and Stability Tests