Dr. Markus Drees

Dr. Markus Drees

Computational Organometallics

Which research topics are you focused on in your working group?

We mainly calculate energies of atomic arrangements of molecules as they can occur e.g. in organic reaction mechanisms, but not energies of solid-state materials.

How is the schedule and content of a research internship designed at your working group?

We are completely flexible but probably need a week of training. This could e.g. take place in the calculation of Diels-Alder transition state energies.

Which methods are used for the respective topics?

Our calculations are mainly based on the Gaussian software package, which in turn is based on the Hartree-Fock, DFT and post-Hartree-Fock calculation methods.

Is a progress/final talk about the research internship planned?

A concluding final talk would be possible but is not necessary with us.

With which working groups are overlapping topics possible?

Basically, with every chair. In the past, we have already worked with Prof. Nilges, Prof. Fässler, Prof. Rieger and various OC chairs.

How and in what way can one apply for a research internship at your working group?

Directly with me, stating the name of the study program and your interests.

What kind of previous knowledge is required for a research internship at your working group?

Only basic knowledge from the theoretical bachelor lectures is expected, which can also be refreshed.

Can a research intership be expanded to a master’s thesis?

As the sole supervisor, I, unfortunately, do not have the time, but I am happy to supervise in cooperation projects.

How much cake does your chair expect?

I only expect one cake, I must take care of my health a little bit, but the chair is always happy about some cake.