Prof. Dr. Corinna Hess

Prof. Dr. Corinna Hess

Assistant Professorship for Bioinorganic Chemistry

Which research topics are you focused on in your working group?

The chair of Bioorganic Chemistry focuses on synthetic systems for catalysis based on biomolecules/enzymes. Metalloenzymes are, of course, very complex and we try to transfer the key principles of functionality to small molecular inorganic complexes. Key points of our work are synthesis and purification of the complexes and subsequent characterization.

How is the schedule and content of a research internship designed at your working group?

The schedule generally covers 4 weeks, but in consultation with the respective supervisor, it is possible to arrange a flexible schedule.

Which synthetical methods are used for the respective topics?

Basic synthesis of organic chemistry including purification and working under inert gas (Schlenk line and glovebox).

Is a progress/final talk about the research internship planned?

The student has to present his/her results in the group meeting at the end of his/her internship.

With which working groups are overlapping topics possible?

There are already various topics that are being worked on in cooperation with other chairs. Subject areas: organic chemistry, electrochemistry, photochemistry, theoretical chemistry…

How and in what way can one apply for a research internship at your working group?

You can get information about possible research internships from me (Prof. Hess) as well as from the staff of the chair. The most important key points such as schedule and the topic will then be discussed with the respective assistant.

What kind of previous knowledge is required for a research internship at your working group?

Basic knowledge of organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and complex chemistry.

Can a research intership be expanded to a master’s thesis?

It is possible.

How much cake does your chair expect?

It depends on the way the intern works. However, it is common to bring one cake during the internship.