Dr. Alexander Pöthig

Dr. Alexander Pöthig

Supramolecular Organometallics

Which research topics are you focused on in your working group?

In my research group, topics in the field of supramolecular and cluster organometallic chemistry are being worked on. This involves the synthesis, characterization, and applications of organometallic complexes, e.g. in host-guest compounds or for catalytic reactions.

How is the schedule and content of a research internship designed at your working group?

The internship usually begins with an in-depth discussion in which we agree which topic is to be worked on, how the exact time frame is to be set (e.g. within the semester, as a block during the holidays), what form the final report should have, etc. Then during the internship, we worked on the project in the laboratory. The results are briefly (at least) weekly presented in a group seminar and discussed in the group to get constructive input from everyone. At the end of the internship, the structure of the report will be discussed. After the internship, there is a slightly longer final presentation (approx. 15 min).

Which synthetical methods are used for the respective topics?

Organic ligand synthesis (synthesis, columns, recrystallization), organometallic synthesis (complexation, metal precursors, inert gas/ Schlenk-line/ glovebox),
Characterization: NMR, UV-Vis, EA, MS, IR, PXRD, SC-XRD, CV.

Is a progress/final talk about the research internship planned?

Yes (see above).

With which working groups are overlapping topics possible?

Chair AMC (Prof. R. A. Fischer), Professorship Bioinorganic (Prof. Hess), Chemistry Professorship for Silicon Chemistry (Prof. Inoue), Computation Organometallics (Dr. Drees) … In principle, further common topics can certainly be found.

How and in what way can one apply for a research internship at your working group?

Directly contacting me or my staff

What kind of previous knowledge is required for a research internship at your working group?

Safe handling in the laboratory. Basics of inorganic synthesis. Basics of organic synthesis. Basic analytics (NMR, UV-Vis, MS, IR, PXRD).

Can a research internship be expanded to a master’s thesis?


How much cake does your working group expect?

Nothing is expected! PS: I like Schwarzwälder Kirsch. 😉