Dr. Julien Warnan

Dr. Julien Warnan

Junior Research Group

Which research topics are you focused on in your working group?

We are a multidisciplinary research group with a current focus on energy conversion using hybrid/molecular photo- and electro-driven catalytic systems towards chemical fuels and other value-added products.

How is the schedule and content of a research internship designed at your working group?

We welcome team-players students for ~4-week lab internships. A typical internship would include aspects such as: synthesis, material preparation, electrode design, photo(electro)catalysis, and characterisations (NMR, PXRD, UV-vis, fluorescence & IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and so forth).

Which synthetical methods are used for the respective topics?

Our synthetic interests lie in synthetic coordination, supramolecular and organic chemistry, as well as in interfacing and preparation of hybrid materials.

Is a progress/final talk about the research internship planned?

Yes, the students have weekly opportunities to present their results and would typically deliver a final presentation summarising their internship.

With which working groups are overlapping topics possible?

We have strong collaborations/overlapping research with Prof. R. Fischer and the AMC Chair. We are also collaborating with Prof. B. Rieger (TUM), J. Hauer (TUM, Dynamic Spectroscopy).

How and in what way can one apply for a research internship at your working group?

If you are interested in joining the group, we encourage you to send an email to Dr. Warnan and to get in touch with one of our group members.

What kind of previous knowledge is required for a research internshipat your working?

Knowledge/experience in organic and inorganic synthesis, hybrid systems, photoinduced processes or electrochemistry would be recommended.

Can a research intership be expanded to a master’s thesis?

Yes, provided that there is no space limitation, we are always happy to consider our research internship students for a master’s thesis.

How much cake does your chair expect?

One cake at the beginning of the internship would be highly appreciated.

Is it an advantage of small working groups, that there is more cake for everyone

Our group is very much integrated to the AMC chair and therefore it can feel at times both small and big. The latter significantly increases the frequency of cakes being available! 🙂